Christmas is a time for hope. At least, that’s what they say. What about those who have been questioning hope lately? Let’s be frank, this year has felt very hopeless. If that’s you, you’re in the right place. Even if you feel alone and your story seems void of hope, the very essence of the story of Jesus connects us to an unshakeable hope. 

When you really look at the Christmas story, it’s a lot more human than you might remember. It’s more like your story than you might think; a mixed bag of both hope and pain. At Blue Christmas, we want to invite you to connect with both His hope AND your pain. 

Find a quiet space.
Take a deep breath and invite God to be there with you.

Put on some headphones and listen to the following story.
Make sure to give yourself permission to feel as you listen. 
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Reflect on the questions below.
Make space to invite God into your pain.

  1. Which of Mary’s losses did you relate to most? 
  2. As Mary shared her feelings about her losses, did you find yourself resonating with one more than another? 
  3. Mary’s story is full of frustration and confusion in the middle of her pain. What are a few ways you have felt frustration or confusion in your own story? 
  4. When Elizabeth became pregnant, Mary saw hope. She saw that God was faithful to His promises and capable of the miracle living inside of her. Where can you see God’s faithfulness around you? Is there someone specific in your life that you see God’s faithfulness in? 
  5. Thinking about this story, where did hope come from for Mary? Where does hope come from for you?
  6. Take some time and write your story. End by saying a prayer aloud and asking Him for a felt experience of His hope in your life today. 
We want to meet you, right in the middle of your story of pain. If you’d like to talk to someone to process or pray together, connect with our Care & Prayer Teams below.