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A Center for Hospitality, Hope and Healing

The House of Hope meets needs through resources and addresses issues of justice and mental health. The House of Hope is a visible movement of the church to hold space for the hurting, to act justly and live compassionately.



Whether you are in the need of immediate resources such as groceries, clothing, essential home items OR you have some of these items, we believe that providing anyone who has a specific need with these essentials is a form of hospitality.


Whether you are in need of support, could use someone to talk to and walk alongside with you or are interested in one of our presence groups, we long to be a space for anyone who is hurting and interested in finding hope and healing through intentional care.


With a focus on justice, compassion, mental health and love, we believe that conversations that lead us to a deeper understanding are important. You can find resources here.


 Long term practical care for anyone who has a need. Whether you are in need of long term legal aid, job-readiness OR you are interested in serving in this area, we hope to walk with you through it all!

Additional ways to get help and get involved will be coming early Summer 2021.

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Beginning June 15th, 2021, House of Hope will be open Tuesday – Thursday from 1 – 7PM and Sunday mornings from 9AM – 1PM.

House of Hope is for anyone walking through suffering. We meet both short and long term needs, provide care and a space for healing, no matter the magnitude of one’s suffering. Whether you need support, community, resources, or someone to walk alongside you, House of Hope offers hospitality that leads to hope and healing for both those who call Soul City their church home as well as people in our community.

Clients can make an appointment to receive support or care by going online at soulcitychurch.com/houseofhope. Beginning in Fall 2021, House of Hope will offer walk-in appointments throughout the week and on Sundays. Tangible resources will be provided based on availability.

We’re planning for House of Hope to open in Spring of 2021.

Yes! We’re excited to say that House of Hope will offer the accessibility of virtual services while also providing in person services for people who are ready to meet in person.

No, if you or someone you know is in danger, please call 911 or drive to your nearest emergency room.

Through the generosity of those who call Soul City their church home, our current space, personnel and programming are funded within the 10% of our budget. 

House of Hope is a visible movement of Soul City Church to hold space and presence for the hurting, act justly, and live compassionately.

Yes! As House of Hope grows, we will need a team of people to grow with us. We’re excited to watch programs expand and ministry spread wide.

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For more information please contact info@soulcitychurch.com or call 312.252.3062

Hey Soul City!

A quick message for those joining us in person this weekend:

Recently, the CDC shared new guidelines for wearing face masks in public and in indoor settings to promote safety in areas with substantial risks of transmission. Therefore, we are requiring that masks are worn while in the building on Sundays.

We are continuously reviewing the CDC guidelines and what our next steps will be – as your safety remains our priority.

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