Transformation Path

The Mission of Soul City Church is to lead people into a transforming relationship with Jesus. We believe that life in Jesus is a series of next steps, and your next step is unique to your relationship.

That’s why we created the Transformation Path— to help you take your unique next step in COMMUNITY.

Whether you’re exploring faith, trying to meet new people, looking to build a firm foundation or looking to be formed in the way of Christ, we want to equip you to take your unique next step and grow deeper in your relationship with Jesus. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get walking!



Looking for a safe space to explore God and ask questions? Alpha is the place for you. 

At Alpha, participants explore questions about the existence of God, the purpose of life, the claims of Jesus and more. People from all backgrounds, religions and viewpoints attend. Some have never been to church before, while others have attended occasionally and are looking to get past religion and into meaningful relationship with God. Everyone is welcome, so pull up a chair.

Start Date: February 4, 2020


New to following Jesus? Still have questions? Looking to establish a firm foundation for your faith to be rooted on? Foundation is the step for you. In Foundation, you’ll explore key tenets of the Christian faith through a variety of different courses. Read more about each course below.

Bible 202

Teacher: Jon jorgenson, teaching pastor

The Bible is central to the Christian faith. It can be an incredible source of wisdom and a transformational tool in our lives. And YET, for many of us, the Bible is also intimidating, confusing, boring, or even offensive in parts. But many of our issues with the Bible actually come from a misunderstanding of what the Bible really is, how it is meant to be read, and the role it is meant to play in our lives. In this course, we will focus on how to actually read, interpret, and apply the Bible yourself in a relevant, life-giving way. The Bible is unlike any other book that we are likely to read, so we cannot read it like any other book.

Start Date: January 29, 2020

Biblical and Social Justice Course

Teacher: Madeline Holler, Loveworks director

Justice flows from God’s heart and pursuing justice involves something sacrificial from each of us. We are empowered to fight for biblical justice and advocate in love as we are each uniquely empowered by God. We’ll explore the differences in biblical and social justice, share our own experiences, and put into practice ways that we can join in God’s work of restoring all things to himself. 

Start Date: April 15, 2020


Looking to go deeper in your transformational relationship with Jesus? Have a firm foundation, but looking for more formation? Then this is the step for you. Formation consists of two different courses that will assist you as you transform into the very image of Christ. Find out more below. 

Growing through grief

Teacher: christi chatman, director of care

When we think of grief, most of us think of losing someone we love, but grief encompasses all kinds of loss. Whether you’ve lost a loved one, a job, are experiencing a difficult move or transition, or are feeling stuck after a loss years ago, you’ve experienced grief and know it’s not one size fits all. In Growing Through Grief, we’ll sit with each other in our own individual grief as well as find support in our similarities. Over the span of 8 weeks together, this group will serve as a space for comfort, presence in pain, support, and healing. As a trained mental health therapist, Christi will help members finds tools for coping and walking through the deep emotional pain of grief.

Start Date: February 10, 2020

wholehearted living

Teacher: christi chatman, director of care

Join us for Wholehearted Living, a workshop designed to help you intentionally step into the life and relationships you desire. If you’ve ever felt like you made the wrong choice, stopped working toward a goal you knew you wanted, or watched yourself blow up in a relationship you thought was great, this workshop is for you. We’ll use Brene Brown’s curriculum around shame and resiliency to journey towards our deeper wants, needs, emotions, and pain surrounding the choices we make. Wholehearted living is a great next step for those of us wanting deeper self-discovery and more intentional living in relationship.

Start Date: April 6, 2020


Looking to put it all together? Have a firm foundation and want to live out your faith in your everyday life? Invitation is the step for you. In Invitation, you’ll uncover the vibrant life God invites you into and discover how to participate in His work in the world.

Missional Living

In the Missional Living Course, we’ll use the Life Plan tool to help you begin living your life with purpose. Come prepared to do the important work of identifying your passions and discovering how God wants to use you in your home, community and everywhere in between.

Note: This level of the Transformation Path will not be available until Fall 2020. More information to come.