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We  know that this is a difficult time for many. Our hope is that Soul City Care can offer hope & healing to the spaces that are hurting right now for you.

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We know that this cultural moment is filled with anxiety, fear, and confusion. We also know that God is peace, love, and joy embodied. Every day, each of us hold the tension of the two. Let’s do it together. Soul City is offering a group virtual space for you to feel, process, and move forward with more peace.

Right now we are facing more stressors and difficulties than ever. If you need someone to talk, pray, or process with, feel free to reach out for a TeleCare session with a member of our Care Team.

At Soul City, we firmly believe that prayer changes things, and we are passionate about God transforming people’s lives. During this difficult time, we want to partner together to pray the prayers of your life and the prayers for this world.

Soul City wants to help you access the practical, tangible, and financial resources you need during this time. Whether you need a prescription picked up, or to figure out how to pay for groceries, we want to partner with you.

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