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All numbers as of November 30, 2022

We believe it is important to be transparent about the resources we are entrusted with. 
If you have any questions please reach out to Dave Davis at

Actual Budget % of Budget
Total Revenue $1,197,459 $1,329,300 88.76%
Total Expense $1,503,122 $1,508,002 99.68%
Net Income $(98,526.00) ($185,828.80)
Cash/ Current Assets $529,137
Fixed Assets $16,592,551
Total Assets $17,121,688
Current Liabilities $210,803
Long Term Liabilities $7,249,420
Total Liabilities $7,460,223
Total Equity $9,561,466
Total Liabilities and Equity $17,021,689
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Parking Update

New parking rules on Adams St. are now in effect. 

Adams St. is now PERMIT PARKING ONLY from Aberdeen to Racine. All other street parking remains unaffected, and the follow parking lots are still available.

  • The Soul City garage, located off of Adams St.
  • Parking lot on 11 W. Monroe St. on the corner of Monroe St. and Aberdeen St.
  • Mercy Home parking lots on the corner of Racine Ave. and Jackson Blvd., and on Racine Ave. between Jackson Blvd. and Adams St.
  • Montessori parking lot on Racine Ave. between Jackson Blvd. and Adams St.

We can’t wait to see you this Sunday!

Hey Soul City!

A quick message for those joining us in person this weekend:

Recently, the CDC shared new guidelines for wearing face masks in public and in indoor settings to promote safety in areas with substantial risks of transmission. Therefore, we are requiring that masks are worn while in the building on Sundays.

We are continuously reviewing the CDC guidelines and what our next steps will be – as your safety remains our priority.

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