Love Works is transformation in action.


Join us in sharing hope, providing support and showing love to those in our community, our city and the world. In the coming days and weeks, we will actively be updating these community next steps and we are deeply thankful for your commitment to put love to work in creative ways. 

Justice Center

Do you need help with a legal issue, but can’t afford $300/hour to pay a private attorney?


Consult with a pro bono attorney through the Soul City Justice Center. Sign up for a 45-minute virtual session for just $30. Justice Center attorneys will answer any questions you may have about employment, housing, and family law, as well as consumer and legal process issues you may have. They will walk you through the laws and how it applies to you. The attorneys can assess your legal needs and give you helpful advice.

Meals of Hope

In partnership between Soul City and local restaurants, we are blessing 100 families each week with a delicious meal. We know this season has been unique for so many and we want these families to know that we are in this together.


Some families are working in essential spaces, parenting children who are now at home with you, or might be in a circumstance that they didn’t expect. Although this is a simple meal, we believe it’s a gesture of kindness that connects families to Soul City in a practical and beautiful way.


We are called to give joyfully, and in this time, our generosity helps support vulnerable communities in our city. 

Breakthrough has been a connected and committed Partner of Soul City for many years. Breakthrough is committed to paying their staff and increasing the food they’re providing to the community.

“We need to take care of our people now more than ever.” -Arloa Sutter / Breakthrough Founder​

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The Greater Chicago Food Depository is committed to increasing the number of meals they’re providing over the next few weeks. From children who are not in school through CPS to vulnerable elderly individuals, your gift of $100 provides 300 meals to people in our community!


In a unique time of separating ourselves from others, there are still ways you can practically serve our community.

Help support a local restaurant while ensuring the safety of Breakthrough guests by having a meal delivered or dropped off. You can find a growing list of restaurants that deliver and offer take-out here, or you can use a delivery service such as GrubHub or Doordash (make sure they deliver to 60624). Please have each meal delivered by 7:30pm and enough to feed 35 people.

Love Your Neighbor

Here are some ideas on how you can be a good neighbor during a time of scarcity and separation. Small gestures can and will unite us in love.

  1. Offer to run errands for the elderly in your community. 
  2. Order takeout from a local restaurant. Order double! Some for you, some for your neighbor. 
  3. Purchasing items off Amazon? Double a few items in your cart for your neighbor with kids at home (formula, wipes, in-home games). 
  4. Offer respite to parents at home with kids so they can get some work done!
  5. Write letters to your loved ones, and others! Encourage those you know who may be struggling with loneliness or are being triggered by trauma during this crisis.


During Covid-19, Pray For…

For the elderly, who may vulnerable to sickness more than others.  For families, who are unexpectedly at home with their children.  For educators, that they cling to hope and remove feelings of defeat.  For healthcare professionals, who are overwhelmed and inundated each day.  For global leaders, who are making decisions by every hour.  For the isolated, who are feeling alone and scared.  For peace, in a world of chaos. 

  • For the elderly, who may feel isolated and are vulnerable to sickness more than others. 
  • For families, who are unexpectedly at home with their children. 
  • For educators, that they cling to hope and remove feelings of defeat. 
  • For healthcare professionals, who are overwhelmed and inundated each day. 
  • For global leaders, who are making decisions by every hour. 
  • For the isolated, who are feeling alone and scared. 
  • For peace, in a world of chaos.

If you or someone you know would like to receive prayer by our staff and prayer team, please share your request here. 

Local &


The book of Romans tells us that we are one in the body of Christ. Our partnerships with local and global organizations unite us with the work that others are doing around the world. Together, we can move more people towards the holistic transformation that God calls us to.  

When we decide to be the people who go where no one else will go, to LOVE the ones no one else will, our actions make the most vulnerable feel hope, love and care in the middle of fear, insecurity and violence. That's what LOVE does, as we become it for those that Jesus points us directly to.


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