Soul City Lobby Chats

Let’s stay connected as a community during this season. Join us every night at 8p for random chats and encouragement with some of Soul City’s volunteer leaders!

Join a Virtual Care Group

We know that God is peace, love, and joy embodied. We also know that this cultural moment is filled with anxiety, fear, and confusion. Every day, each of us hold the tension of the two, but we want to hold that tension together.

Soul City is offering a virtual space for you to feel, process, and move forward with peace. Choose which day works best for you and sign up for a one time, one hour group.

Limited spots available per day. Sign ups open Wednesdays at 3PM. Join us as you feel the need each week. We’d love to have you as we move through this difficult time together.


The mission of Soul City Church is to lead people into a transforming relationship with Jesus. We believe that life in Jesus is a series of next steps, and your net step is unique to your relationship.

That’s why we created the Transformation Path – to help you take your unique next step in community. The Transformation Path is a great place to meet new people, experience transformation, and grow in your relationship with God.

There are still ways to serve during this time.
The more we choose to connect, the less isolated we will feel.

Eden is a ministry for whole-hearted women gathering together from all over Chicago and beyond.  Our mission is to uplift, empower, and motivate women to be transformed by the love of Jesus, the wisdom of the word of God, and the joy of sharing community with others.