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Lent is a time for self-examination and a renewed focus on our relationship with God. It’s an opportunity to deepen our faith, gain a greater understanding of God’s love and mercy, and become more fully devoted followers of Christ.

During Lent, we often participate in fasting, which involves giving up something we enjoy as a form of sacrifice and self-discipline. This can be anything from a favorite food or activity to a bad habit we want to break. We also encourage prayer and meditation during Lent, as a way to connect with God and seek His guidance and wisdom. 

Ultimately, the goal of Lent is to prepare our hearts and minds for the celebration of Easter, when we remember and celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. We invite you to join us in observing Lent this year, as we seek to grow closer to God and deepen our faith together as a church family.

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Hey Soul City!

A quick message for those joining us in person this weekend:

Recently, the CDC shared new guidelines for wearing face masks in public and in indoor settings to promote safety in areas with substantial risks of transmission. Therefore, we are requiring that masks are worn while in the building on Sundays.

We are continuously reviewing the CDC guidelines and what our next steps will be – as your safety remains our priority.

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