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We believe transformation doesn’t happen in isolation. God designed us with a deep and divine need for real life-giving relationships. We just grow better together! Which is why we want every person in our church to be a part of a TABLE GROUP where they can see and be seen, love and be loved, and experience the power of spiritual community. At the Table, we make room for everyone…including you!

The next session of table groups will begin in Fall 2024.

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Tables will:

Look Up

Intentionally look to God through prayer for direction and hope

Look In

Intentionally look within so that we can grow in self-awareness and wholeness

Look Around

Intentionally look around at the people within the table group so that we can offer care, compassion, and spiritual support

Look Beyond

Intentionally look beyond our table group at the people God has put in our lives to prayerfully consider how God might be calling us to be a light of love and encouragement


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Find your seat at a WOMEN'S TABLE.
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Find your seat at a MEN'S TABLE.
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Find your seat at a CO-ED TABLE.
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Find a seat for you and your partner at a MARRIED COUPLES TABLE
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House of Hope Groups offer a unique space of hospitality, hope, and healing outside of our typical Table setting. Click below to learn more.
Visit House of Hope

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Tables FAQ

Fall Table sign ups open at 9:00a CT on Sunday, September 10. The Fall session will begin Sunday, September 24 and end Saturday, December 2.

In order to foster community, depth, and soul level conversations, Tables sign ups close week 3 of each session. If Tables are not currently open, and you are looking to get connected at Soul City, we invite you to visit our Connect page.

Our groups run in 3, 10 week sessions – Fall, Winter, and Spring. 

We ask that you commit to attending at least 75% of the meetings. If you cannot make this commitment, we recommend you take this session off to allow others to have the opportunity to get involved.

 We ask that you are only in one  Table so that you can go deep with that particular community, and allow us to reach wide to offer space for everyone who wants to join a Table. 

 The best way to become a Table Leader is a three-step process: join a group, serve as an apprentice, then be recommended as a leader. For more information, contact our Connection Pastor, Steph Miller, at

Recovery groups are hosted by House of Hope. Please visit their page at for more information.

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Hey Soul City!

A quick message for those joining us in person this weekend:

Recently, the CDC shared new guidelines for wearing face masks in public and in indoor settings to promote safety in areas with substantial risks of transmission. Therefore, we are requiring that masks are worn while in the building on Sundays.

We are continuously reviewing the CDC guidelines and what our next steps will be – as your safety remains our priority.

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