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Special things happen through Teams. We believe that we can accomplish more together than we can on our own. That’s because we were created to be a part of something greater than ourselves and to contribute our unique gifts for the sake of others. Ultimately, God grows us as we serve others. All of us are invited to partner with God and others to transform our church, our city, and this world.

Through our Teams we serve a wide range of needs within the walls of the church and outside of the walls of the church. We invite everyone to Serve on a Team – check out our teams below to find your best fit!


Initial Conversation

You get to know us and we get to know you! This is an informal conversation that may take place in person or via phone or tele-meeting.

Shadow Serve Experience

Think of it like test driving a team! Join the team for a day and see if it feels like a good fit before you commit.

Background Check

We background check all of our volunteers. Note: Background checks performed by Soul City Church are valid for 1 year.

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Engagement Team


Our Engagement team is the front lines to welcome people to Soul City. We are there to greet, seat, and support everyone who walks through the doors of Soul City with amazing hospitality and faith.

Requirements: Engagement Team Training
Frequency: 2 Sundays per month

Connection Team


We help connect people to next steps beyond the Sunday gathering & meet those who are new to Soul City. If you are passionate about people and have an ability to make others feel a sense of belonging, this is the team for you!

Requirements: Engagement Team Training
Frequency: 2 Sundays per month

Table Leader


Transformation doesn’t happen in isolation. Table Leaders create space for a small group of people to be seen, known, and experience spiritual community. We are passionate about leading others in spiritual conversations, fostering friendships, and demonstrating hospitality.

  • Apprentice in a Table Group
  • Complete the Table Leader Development Cohort
  • Frequency: Seasonal; 3 hours per week for a 10-week Session

    Alpha Leader

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    Alpha Helpers create space for people to wrestle with some of life’s biggest questions like, “Why do bad things happen to good people?”, “Is there a god?”, and “What’s my purpose?”. A Helper’s role is to be warm, friendly, and hospitable with the Alpha guests and to assist Alpha Hosts in leading an Alpha small group.

    Requirements: Alpha Host/Helper Training
    Frequency: Seasonal; 3 hours per week for a 10-week Session

    Discussion Leader


    Discussion Leaders help to create a welcoming environment at their tables during Transformation Track sessions. They invite the individuals at their tables into meaningful reflection and conversation around the Transformation Course material.

    Requirements: Discussion Leader Training
    Frequency: Seasonal; 3 hours per week for a 8-week Session


    Soul City Kids Leader


    Soul City Kids leaders invest in the next generation by helping to create safe, fun environments for all families to belong. If you love to greet and check-in families, play with babies and toddlers, share the love of God with preschoolers, or lead small groups of elementary school kids, this is the team for you!

    Requirements: Families Team Training
    Frequency: 2 Sundays per month

    Soul City Students Leader

    teens hanging out on stairs

    Soul City Students serve by meeting middle and high schoolers where they are. If you like helping make every student feel known, know their value in Jesus & be connected to soul city to make an impact in their soul, the city and the world, you belong in Soul City Students!

    Requirements: Families Team Training
    Frequency: 2 Sundays per month


    Creative & Production Team


    The Creative & Production Team is responsible for creating and producing Soul City gatherings. We’re a team of people who have an interest in the lighting, audio and video aspects of the gatherings – as well as actors, artists, decorators, designers, and more. 

    Click below to see a detailed list of all opportunities.

    Requirements: Position-Specific Training
    Frequency: 2 Sundays per month

    Social Media Team

    screenshot 2023 11 07 at 11.56.37 am

    Our Social Media Team is a dynamic ensemble dedicated to sharing the Soul City Church experience with our online audience. Whether your talent is writing engaging copy, producing creative reels, being on screen, or facilitating the live chat on YouTube, we have a spot for you!

    Click below to see a detailed list of all opportunities.

    Requirements: Position-Specific Training
    Frequency: Varies

    Soul City Worship

    worship 2

    Members of the Soul City Worship team have a heart of praise and a desire to lead others in experiencing the power and presence of God through worship. You’ll be a part of leading worship during Soul City gatherings and other special events. 

    Click below to see a detailed list of all opportunities.

    Requirements: Audition Process
    Frequency: Varies, Wednesday night rehearsal required if leading on Sunday


    House of Hope Teams

    comforting gesture hand on shoulder

    The House of Hope walks alongside people when life is hard. The House of Hope offers resources, referrals, and relationship to anyone who is hurting. Through our trauma informed Advocate Program, the House of Hope connects clients to the resources and referrals that help. You can help by partnering with clients to achieve goals that move their hope + healing forward.

    Click below to see a detailed list of all opportunities in House of Hope.

    Requirements: General & Role-Specific Training
    Frequency: Varies

    Prayer Team

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    The Prayer Team holds presence by praying for the people of Soul City  in our Prayer Hall and beyond.  

    Requirements: Prayer Team Training
    Frequency: 2 Sundays per month


    Cafe Team


    Think of our cafe as your local neighborhood cafe! We serve an array of offerings from standard flavored coffee to seasonal lattes. Serving in the cafe consists of set up, cashier and barista opportunities.

    Frequency: 2 Sundays per month

    Culinary Team


    Our Culinary Team provides meals for our volunteers each Sunday as well as providing meals for Soul City gatherings and special events. Our Culinary Team facilitates meals from concept to creation.

    Frequency: 2 Sundays per month

    Street Team

    street 2

    Hospitality starts in the parking lot. Individuals on the Street Team help to create an incredible first impression for people coming to Soul City by offering a safe, easy parking experience with a friendly welcome and clear directions.

    Frequency: 2 Sundays per month

    Flip Team

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    Individuals on the Flip Team contribute to the work of transformation when most do not see it. Through practical work like setting out Bibles, stacking chairs, and setting rooms the Flip Team helps us to thoughtfully prepare a hospitable space for our attendees.

    Frequency: 2 Sundays per month
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Scroll down to see details about each serving team at Soul City.

    Yes, absolutely! Many of our volunteers do.

    Soul City does not approach church membership in the traditional manner. In fact, we do not have members. We have owners. These are all-in people who gather at a Table, serve on a Team, grow on the Track, and give generously. They see themselves as being a partner in the work happening in and through Soul City.

    After you have expressed interest in joining a specific team, a Ministry leader will reach out to you within 48 hours. From there you will be invited into the volunteer onboarding process which will include an initial “get to know you” conversation, you’ll be sent a short volunteer role description, in most cases an invitation to “test drive” the role, and a request for a background check. The ministry leader will follow-up and communicate specific details about further training, scheduling, and additional information about the Team.

    Ultimately our ministry leaders seek to partner with you to find a position and frequency that fits your schedule. Usually our teams have a twice a month serving expectation. There are some Teams that have a weekly serving expectation due to their seasonality, while other Teams have a less frequent serving rhythm. If you have questions about the frequency of serving, a ministry leader would be happy to have a discussion with you!

    Yes! The majority of our Teams use a scheduling system that allows you to set any dates you are unavailable to serve, as well as to accept or decline any requests to serve. The best way to build a serving schedule that works for you is to keep open communication with the Ministry Leader who oversees your team.

    Our best practice is to notify you 3-4 weeks in advance of the date that you'll be serving. Many Teams accomplish this by establishing a mutually agreed upon serving rhythm with you, along with consistent communication via email, text messages, or group messaging apps.

    All Production Opportunities

    • Graphics 
      Runs slides and lyrics 
    • Lighting
      Runs lighting board
    • Camera Op 
      Operates a video camera 
    • Audio
      Runs audio board
    • Video Director
      Calls video shots for online stream
    • Stage Manager
      Helps with all backstage and onstage needs (cues band, places props and communicates with booth)
    • Production Assistant
      Assists Service Producer with producing Sunday services
    • Photography
      Responsible for capturing in service moments

    All Social Media Opportunities

    • Copy Writers
      Write engaging content and scripts for posts, reels, and videos 
    • Content Capturers
      Film content in various formats
    • Content Creators/Editors
      Turn content into final products ready for posting 
    • YouTube Hosts
      Chat with online with our digital attendees and facilitate a welcoming enviroment

    All Worship Opportunities

    • Auxiliary Player
      Play pads and other auxiliary keyboard instruments for services and rehearsals 
    • Singer/ Worship Leader
      Help lead the church in corporate worship. This could be on Sundays or other planned nights
    • Bass Player
      Play Bass for Wednesday Night rehearsals and Sunday Service
    • Guitarist
      Play electric guitar for Wednesday Night rehearsals and Sunday Service
    • Acoustic Guitarist
      Play acoustic guitar for special events, Wednesday Night Rehearsals, and/or Sunday Services
    • Drummer/Percussionist
      Play drums or percussion for for special events, Wednesday Night Rehearsals, and/or Sunday Services
    • Pianist
      Play piano for special events, Wednesday Night Rehearsals, and/or Sunday Services
    • Other instruments not listed
      Play for special events/services such as Easter/Christmas or as needed for Sunday services. 

    All House of Hope Opportunities

      • Hospitality Host
        Welcome guests into our physical space, connect them to programming or refer them to offerings in the community. You’ll also gather and pack resources for guests of House of Hope.
      • Care
        Welcome a client by holding presence for their pain and setting up their next steps clearly.
      • Advocate
        Walk alongside a client for 6 sessions, helping them achieve three practical, tangible, and achievable goals.
      • Justice Center
        Listen and offer a pathway forward to clients with legal concerns. This opportunity applies to both attorneys and those passionate about the work of justice.
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    Hey Soul City!

    A quick message for those joining us in person this weekend:

    Recently, the CDC shared new guidelines for wearing face masks in public and in indoor settings to promote safety in areas with substantial risks of transmission. Therefore, we are requiring that masks are worn while in the building on Sundays.

    We are continuously reviewing the CDC guidelines and what our next steps will be – as your safety remains our priority.

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