Who we are:

Eden is a ministry for whole-hearted women gathering together from all over Chicago and beyond.  Our mission is to uplift, empower, and motivate women to be transformed by the love of Jesus, the wisdom of the word of God, and the joy of sharing community with others.

You Are Enough : Overcoming Insecurity & Inadequacy, Finding Confidence & Courage.

So many of us feel shackled within a prison of inadequacy and insufficiency. We have fully bought the lie that THERE is not enough and we are not enough. Scarcity and Insecurity keep us trapped, afraid, and incapable of becoming all of who we were created to be.  When we stay locked up in the snares of our fabricated realities we live restrained & suppressed, keeping us from the abundance and security we were created from and for. But we do not have to live in Scarcity and Insecurity – there is a way to live in the truth that we HAVE enough and that we ARE enough.  You can find freedom from the Shame, Blame and Hiding that has followed you from relationship to relationship, job to job, and moment to moment. When we surrender and settle into the hope we find in JESUS, we recognize that HE is ENOUGH, so we can trust that he says WE are enough. 

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