House Church Party

While our building is closed, we invite you to open your homes and host a House Church Party.
We’ll show you how!


Hosting a House Church Party gives you a chance to invite your neighbors, family, friends, and co-workers to gather. Soul City has always been about inviting and this is a perfect opportunity to invite new friends to experience church in a casual non-threatening way. 


House Church Parties are a opportunity to be the church throughout our city, our county, and even the world.  Make it a party by including drinks and snacks, and by providing comfy seating. Feel free to serve brunch pot luck style and invite your guests to bring their favorite breakfast goodies. After you watch the gathering, spend some time in discussion using the guide provided at


House Church Parties can happen anywhere. You can get creative. Gather in your living room, backyard, garage, man cave, or nearby park.  Just press play and start the party!