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There are approximately 18,000 children in Illinois Foster Care.
3,300 can be legally adopted today. 

Every number is a child that is looking to be Welcomed Home.

We want to provide emotional, prayerful, and financial support to those who are being called to step out in audacious faith and do for one child what they wish they could do for everyone. If you are stepping out to foster and adopt these vulnerable children in our city or around the world, we would love to connect with you.

Welcome Home Fund

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From the very beginning, Soul City Church has been committed to leading people into a transforming relationship with JESUS.  We have watched God miraculously move in our midst over the years as so many people have experienced transformation. We have seen marriages restored. Families Supported. Singles experience community.  The hopeless have found hope and the hurting have found healing. We have partnered with local and global partners to put our love to work and we have declared that the next generation is the NOW generation as we transformed our Soul City Family Spaces to be a warm and welcoming environment.  The Only God story at Soul City Church is nowhere near done… we have only just begun. We believe that we are ready for MORE!

As we head into the end of 2019 we want to invite you into helping us create the WELCOME HOME FUND. 

As a church, we are committed to partner with families in raising a generation of  JESUS Followers. We are committed to coming alongside families that are being called to open up their homes to a child through fostering or adoption.  This year-end we will be creating a fund that will support current foster families as well as those who are in the process of becoming foster families or adoptive families. We want to provide prayerful and financial support to those who are being called to step out in Audacious Faith and do for one child what they wish they could do for everyone. 

Our goal is to create a fund that the people of Soul City Church can apply to and receive resources from as they step out to foster and adopt the most vulnerable children in our city or around the world. 

FAQ / Welcome Home Fund

What sparked the idea for the Welcome Home Fund?

The Welcome Home Fund was created in 2019 when we, as a church, put a year-end focus on supporting current and future foster and adoptive families. By providing prayerful and financial support to those being called to step out in audacious faith and do for one or a few children what they wish they could do for everyone, we set a goal of raising $150k that would go directly to our doors and into the homes of these families.

How much can a family receive towards fostering + adoption?

For each foster family, we would love to offer $2,500 total (per 12 months from original disbursement) for each year of active placements in your home.

For each adoptive family, we would love to offer $5,000 total per child you are welcoming home.

What is the criteria of receiving the funds from Soul City?

We ask that you and your family have been attending and engaging (giving, participating in a Small Group, serving on Sunday’s or through Love Works, etc.) for 6 months or more. We also ask that the process be in motion for you to become a foster and/or adoptive family. In our Welcome Home Fund Application, we ask for the agency you are working with, and for you to upload your certificate of completion for your classes.

How will Soul City seek to support birth parents through this process?

Although it is our goal to support foster and adoptive families through this fund, we also care deeply about reunification with birth parents and families, when and if possible. That is why for each foster and adoptive family that applies for and receives funds, we will identify an agency to give $250 (for foster care) and $500 (for adoption) to, focused on efforts to support birth parents when possible.

How will the funds be managed?

The funds will be managed through Soul City Church.

Can I still give to the Welcome Home Fund?

Yes! You can give by clicking here: https://pushpay.com/g/scwelcomehome

How do I apply?

If you are interested in applying for the Welcome Home Fund, please fill out the Adoptive/Foster Care Support form. Once you submit this, one of our team members will reach out to you.

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