Care at soul city

Inviting hope and transformation into spaces that are hurting.

Support Groups & Workshops

At Soul City Church, we believe it is in the support of community that deep transformation often happens. This is why we offer a variety of support groups and workshops to partner with you in the change you see God calling you to. Check out what we are offering today.


We firmly believe that prayer changes things, and we are passionate about God changing people’s lives. If there is a way that we can pray for transformational change in your life, please click the button below. 

At Soul City, we believe that prayer changes reality. With everything happening in our world right now, we choose to be people of both listening and action. Prayer is one of those actions. We partner with our communities by praying with and for them Sunday on Prayer Walks in our city. Join us by emailing for details.


At Soul City Church, we believe in the power of counseling. Each counselor we recommend has been screened by Soul City Church for his or her professional expertise, quality of care, and alignment with our values. However, it is important to note that these individuals do not work for or represent Soul City Church.

next steps

Are you ready to dive in and begin doing work around your emotional health? We want to partner with you in this journey. Making the choice to ask the question, “What do I not know about me?” is brave, but can be equally daunting. Whether you’re not ready to get a therapist yet, or you just want to dive deeper on your own, here are some resources to help get you started doing your work.


At Soul City Church, we want to partner with you so that you can live in economic freedom. In a season of financial struggle, we want to be a resource to individuals who are a part of the Soul City Church community, in accordance with certain guidelines and parameters. If you find yourself in a difficult season, we’d love to come alongside you. Let us know by filling out the form below.

Welcome Home

We want to provide prayerful support and resources to those who are being called to step out in audacious faith; to those who are doing for the one child what they wish they could do for everyone. If you are on the journey of foster care or adoption in our city or around the world, we would love to connect with you and support you.

I need to Connect

If you are having an emergency, please call 911 immediately. If you need help in an area not listed, please fill out our Care Connection form below.